30 Nov

So, this is my first blog; exciting. I’m not sure as to what i want to write really, other than the fact that the reason I even have this blog account is because I follow Mike Shinoda’s blog. Why Mike Shinoda? Well, thats kind of a long story. But i’ll cut it short for whoever ends up reading this 🙂
Ive been a  HUGE fan of Linkin Park since they started, like, ten years ago. And although I was only seven at the time of them offically being noticed,  I still loved their music as much as I do now. Mike is the rapper of the band, and he also is an artist; in every way possible! except maybe a make-up artist…
Anyhow, I basically get inspired by him and his work a lot, and the lines he writes for his songs are truly masterful 🙂

If your still reading this, you are now my best friend.

About me? Well, this is something I dont really know how to explain, but i’ll give it a go. My name is Tia Sian Daly, I live in Luton- Just above London- in England; obviously. Im seventeen, blonde, and have hair that sort of looks like curly fries; and yes, before you ask(if you ever see a picture of me) it’s naturally curly.  Just clearing that up now, since ive had encounters with drunk old men, who seem to believe that my hair is a wig; they tried to pull my hair off. It hurt.
Ive had a very strange childhood, and I will probably blog about that one day. At the moment, my teen years are kind of hard, with college and everything.

I love; music that gives me goosebumps, make-up, dancing, singing, drawing, art, making youtube videos( username is DONTMAKEMEBITEYOUU), watching good films and reading great books!
Thats all I could think of at this moment in time.
I’m going to eat something now. Want to know more, let me know!
– Tia.


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