Mike Shinoda’s Superfans.

9 Apr

Today I wanted to talk about something I saw on Mike Shinoda’s blog today.  Some  fans got upset because he had posted this thing meant for only ‘Superfans’, and I admittedly was a little confused as well as them.
I commented mentioning that I had indeed been a huge fan of Linkin Park since they first came about back in 2000(Or sometime around then) and I was only seven! ‘In The End is  still, to this day, one of my all time favorite songs!  If i’m going to be honest, every song that Linkin Park has ever made( Demo’s included) I’ve loved! I’ve also been a huge fan of Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise! (Mike’s and Chester’s solo projects) I loved every one of them songs! My dedication to the band and my trust in any change or choice they make with their music has made me completly respect them: because everything they produce is literally EPIC.
Anyhow, I’m sure that the term ‘Superfan’ could just be a meaning for fans who go out of their way to help the band (which I would do, don’t get me wrong) and who literally have been to most shows, met them frequent time. Or maybe they are just fans who really do know their stuff when it comes to the band; these are guesses by the way! Which is cool!

The reason I wanted to post this in general was because  I felt as though I needed to make this one point clear; despite the fact that, to mike, I may not be what is considered a ‘superfan’, i still consider myself  as one hell of a commited mo’fucka to him and his band.

Take a look and see what you think?
Mike\’s blog.

Just to end this on a high note,  I am not trying to ‘diss’ Mike or Linkin Park; I love them too much. I just wanted to show my opinion on the matter 🙂


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