Honestly, I have no idea why I made one of these. Well, I guess it’s for when amazing, or non-amazing, things happen in my life. I could write a long-ting blog about what happens to me from time to time, and not irritate my friends. I doubt anyone random would find what I write about interesting anyhow.
Well, so far all I have written on here are small things, like poems and blogs about  random days when i’m bored. I promise I will be more entertaining in future.
About me? Well, my name is Tia Sian Daly; so yeah, the name of my blog is my whole name put together in a giant smush. I’m seventeen and I am currently studying at Luton Sixth Form College in Luton. Luton is where I live. It is  a  ****hole.
I like great movies, and i’m picky when it comes to them; I like details. They are very important. I hate the colour pink, though it can look nice on certain things. I love good books, but just like movies, I am picky with them. Wow, I bet you hate me already? I’m not stuck up by the way, when I say picky. When it comes to people, I am the opposite. I try not to judge a person, until i’ve had a chance to talk to them. In most cases though, people are often intimidated by my personality. I’m a little strange, to them, as I speak my mind, and show emotion and compassion. Most people I meet are very defensive in when it comes to speaking to me… Let’s move on to  something possitive shall we?
I make Youtube vlogs(video blogs) about my live, so people can see for themselves, and hear what I have to say whilst being able to see me.  What? You want to see the vlogs? Well, if you insist; http://www.youtube.com/user/DONTMAKEMEBITEYOUU :,)


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