16 Apr

On the 11th of November 2010, me and my best friend Allanah went to see Linkin Park live in the O2 arena in London! Now, we only found out that we were going on the Monday of that week. And the date of the show was on Thursday! We had only til then to sort out travel, money and a time shcedule for when we go. Allanah and I had never been to a live show before, so this was new to us. We hadn’t even travelled alone before! So, we had to trust our instincts to get us there safe. It hadnt hit me that I was going to see my favorite band, in the world, that day until wr actually got there though. It was crazy!
When we first got up, I literally had butterflies. I sprang myself up from Allanahs bed- I stayed round hers the night before- and landed with a thud on the wooden sides of her bed. I broke it. I began the day, breaking her bed! What was funny about the situation, was how we just looked at eachother after the cracked up; meaning that we laughed our heads off! She wasnt even angry at me because we were both so pumped up!
We got ready and left the house, stupidly without nothing too eat, and happily marched our way down to the train station. We got our day tickets  and Allanah got herself a sausage roll, and us two a drink. We then waited for the first train.
Now, we didn’t know our way well, but we literally improvised the entire journey! We only took one wrong train, and found our way there eventually. We got the arena at around 5:00pm, one hour before the show, and luckily wasnt too far from the front of the line. People were already there, and had been there since 10:00am! Crazy!  When the time came for us to head in, me and Allanah got so lucky. LIKE REALLY LUCKY! We got pulled through my the staff to line up so we could get let in, and got put in the first lane. So, we got in first!  We ended up right at the front with the LPU fans; fans who were there since earlier on because they met the band ect; the got front-front row. We already had standing tickets, so we were lucky for that anyhow. But now we were now only two metres from the stage! Only two people were infront of me!
When Linkin Park started to perform, I cried. Yes, I cried. I was so happy! They played the Catalyst first, and it was amazing to be in a room where thousands of people knew the words, and loved the song as much as I did! Back home, I didn’t know hardly anyone who loved Linkin Park as much as me. There, I was overwhelmed by the amount of energy in the room!  When Wrentches and Kings came on, which was the third song played, I literally died. A mosh pit behind me started, and due to our lack of food intake that day, we had no energy to keep ourselves upright. I was ok, because I was used to not eating much. But for Allanah , who eats all the time, not eating much was hard for her. She went really pale, and looked like she was going to faint. We had to get out. It took an hour for us to push our way past the pushing and shoving and eventually got pulled out of the front. NOW HOW STUPID IS THIS; I get pulled out, and at this moment in time, I was literally half a metre from Chester Bennigton and Mike Shinoda. I DIDN’T LOOK UP. I feel so stupidf for not taking advantage of that moment!!Next, we got taken to some guys who were guards or something, and they put X’s on our hands. One of the guys started feeling up my hands;  at the time I didn’t notice, but according to Allanah he was. Apparently, he wrote the X on her hand and shoved it like it was nothing. I had to admit, he did spend time drawing my X. He was even like, ”Are you ok? Are you sure?” … Weirdo. It wasnt until we got lead round to the back, that Allanah pointed out my shirt; it was really low; it had been pulled down by the guy who pulled me out. HOW EMBARRASING! That means that Linkin Park might have seen my bra! AND IT’S NOT LIKE MY BOOBS ARE SMALL! It was so funny looking back on that though! ahaha! We ended up being put to the back, which isnt that bad! I enjoyed the freedom of being able to breathe back there :,)  The show was amazing. the bass made my insides jiggle! I LOVED IT! If you are a fan of Linkin Park; SEE THEM LIVE.


A thought of mine.

16 Apr
Today we are young, but too soon we will be old. Why are we are scared to live now, while we have the world in our hands? When our time slips past us, we will regret what we didn’t do. I don’t want to look back and wish. I want to look back and thank myself for being so awsome.

Mike Shinoda’s Superfans.

9 Apr

Today I wanted to talk about something I saw on Mike Shinoda’s blog today.  Some  fans got upset because he had posted this thing meant for only ‘Superfans’, and I admittedly was a little confused as well as them.
I commented mentioning that I had indeed been a huge fan of Linkin Park since they first came about back in 2000(Or sometime around then) and I was only seven! ‘In The End is  still, to this day, one of my all time favorite songs!  If i’m going to be honest, every song that Linkin Park has ever made( Demo’s included) I’ve loved! I’ve also been a huge fan of Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise! (Mike’s and Chester’s solo projects) I loved every one of them songs! My dedication to the band and my trust in any change or choice they make with their music has made me completly respect them: because everything they produce is literally EPIC.
Anyhow, I’m sure that the term ‘Superfan’ could just be a meaning for fans who go out of their way to help the band (which I would do, don’t get me wrong) and who literally have been to most shows, met them frequent time. Or maybe they are just fans who really do know their stuff when it comes to the band; these are guesses by the way! Which is cool!

The reason I wanted to post this in general was because  I felt as though I needed to make this one point clear; despite the fact that, to mike, I may not be what is considered a ‘superfan’, i still consider myself  as one hell of a commited mo’fucka to him and his band.

Take a look and see what you think?
Mike\’s blog.

Just to end this on a high note,  I am not trying to ‘diss’ Mike or Linkin Park; I love them too much. I just wanted to show my opinion on the matter 🙂



30 Nov

So, this is my first blog; exciting. I’m not sure as to what i want to write really, other than the fact that the reason I even have this blog account is because I follow Mike Shinoda’s blog. Why Mike Shinoda? Well, thats kind of a long story. But i’ll cut it short for whoever ends up reading this 🙂
Ive been a  HUGE fan of Linkin Park since they started, like, ten years ago. And although I was only seven at the time of them offically being noticed,  I still loved their music as much as I do now. Mike is the rapper of the band, and he also is an artist; in every way possible! except maybe a make-up artist…
Anyhow, I basically get inspired by him and his work a lot, and the lines he writes for his songs are truly masterful 🙂

If your still reading this, you are now my best friend.

About me? Well, this is something I dont really know how to explain, but i’ll give it a go. My name is Tia Sian Daly, I live in Luton- Just above London- in England; obviously. Im seventeen, blonde, and have hair that sort of looks like curly fries; and yes, before you ask(if you ever see a picture of me) it’s naturally curly.  Just clearing that up now, since ive had encounters with drunk old men, who seem to believe that my hair is a wig; they tried to pull my hair off. It hurt.
Ive had a very strange childhood, and I will probably blog about that one day. At the moment, my teen years are kind of hard, with college and everything.

I love; music that gives me goosebumps, make-up, dancing, singing, drawing, art, making youtube videos( username is DONTMAKEMEBITEYOUU), watching good films and reading great books!
Thats all I could think of at this moment in time.
I’m going to eat something now. Want to know more, let me know!
– Tia.